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Flexibility, personalization, quality: these are the three cornerstones of any intervention LIMAF, referred to one single car or to a fleet of cars. The goal: to reestablish in perfect shape the damaged cars, thank to targeted interventions and according to the single client’s requirements and his needs of delivery and sale. Our staff, which is formed by specialized technicians of evidenced experience, goes to the site also in case of extra urgent interventions, all over Europe, 365 days a year.
LIMAF guarantees a quick intervention of high quality, be it in case of damages by hail, by parking, by movementation or unintentional bump, bringing the cars back to its original condition.

of the damages

Quantificationand analysis


Fundamental condition for a quality work is a deeply conceived analysis of the intervention to be realized: all damages to be repaired are listed thank to the use of a special felp-tin pen which, once removed, does not leave any signs on the car body. The second step is to feed the interventions to be executed in a special software together with the other operations agreed upon, to be able to quantify correctly not only unities and charges, but also the exact timing. You therefore have the certainty to identify 100% of the damages without leaving aside the smallest detail. Everything is documented by photos and together with the client the priorities to establish the best proceeding of intervention are agreed upon.

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The certainty ofan advanced result


The patented software GIAF.1a* represents the real heart of the intervention LIMAF: an avantgarde appliance, derivated from experience on the field and deepening research and analysis, projected and developed by LIMAF to give to its clients an advanced service and to optimize all processing phases. The GIAF.1a software allows to establish with certainty and precision the interventions, laps of time and costs for any single car and to introduce the parameter decided by the different insurance companies, with a result of 10+. Damages, their typology and related schedules, besides parts to be resprayed, disassembling and assembling, working schedule and photos: everything is included in real-time in a single file. It is therefore possible to obtain a precise and detailed filed, at once at disposition for every use.

software gives the client an easy to read file format .pdf legible from any operating system.
intervention at

A specialized teamis there for you


LIMAF team has at its disposition appropriate modern kits, suitable for different types of treating, to remove all imperfections, even the smallest, without attacking the paint. A technique complementary to an unique experience: in this way our technicians are in a position to offer to the client an intervention at 360° of great level of expertise, in short times and total self-sufficiency. Everything is supported by periodical specialized updating courses.

STARS service

DELIVERY OF CARSwith perfect auto-bodies


Each phase of processing, starting from the takeover to the restitution of the repaired car, forsees a deep quality control which shows the complete procedure, so that the car body will show the original conditions. Similar to a spa cosmetic treatment, we reserve to your cars a real 5 stars service and not only this. Our working method, precise and attentive, is also environmentally friendly, because it allows to avoid expensive and polluting repaint: the environment is therefore protected.

Additional SERVICES

Should anyone wish a turnkey service, with analytic personalized estimation, LIMAF also offers additional services as disassembling and assembling, as well as final cleaning of the interior and the outside of the cars. They are therefore ready to be delivered to the agent or directly to the clients.

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